MetaMask Mobile

Last week MetaMask, the browser wallet incubated within ConsenSys, announced a public beta of their mobile wallet. This release makes it the latest offering competing to win the mobile crypto wallet / browser use case alongside projects such as Opera, Brave, Coinbase, Cipher, and Trust Dapp. Ease of Use I took MetaMask's wallet for a … Continue reading MetaMask Mobile

Facebook’s Libra

This past Tuesday, Facebook on its long-rumored cryptocurrency project, Libra, unveiling details on how it will work and its push to decentralize it through the Libra Association. Things I Believe 1) This will be the single biggest boost toward mainstream crypto adoption Facebook's ability to roll out a product instantly to its 2.4 billion monthly … Continue reading Facebook’s Libra

Kik’s Battle

Last week the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against messaging platform Kik claiming that it illegally raised $100M through a token sale in 2017. This stems from the SEC's guidance that any token offering that checks all the boxes of the Howey Test qualifies as a security and cannot raise money from retail … Continue reading Kik’s Battle

Intro to Crypto Synthetic Asset Trading

Source What if you wanted to trade non-crypto assets, but had limited/no access to do so through traditional brokerages (basically most people on the planet)? Wild developments are taking place in the blockchain ecosystem that will hypothetically enable the average person in a country like Venezuela (or any other underbanked population for that matter) to … Continue reading Intro to Crypto Synthetic Asset Trading