Paradigm Shifts and the Rise of a New Asset Class

This past week, legendary investor Ray Dalio published a blog post detailing why paradigm shifts are important, which have impacted the past 100 years, and what current macroeconomic conditions imply for the future. Aside from being a great read, the article drives home a very important tenet of becoming a great investor: study the past, … Continue reading Paradigm Shifts and the Rise of a New Asset Class

Tech Mafias

A quick look at successful companies in the startup ecosystem will uncover what looks like family trees of generations of entrepreneurs that supported the next generation and significantly stacked the odds in their favor. As tech and innovation become more widespread, it's important to consider just how powerful these "mafias" are as predictors of success … Continue reading Tech Mafias

Facebook’s Libra

This past Tuesday, Facebook on its long-rumored cryptocurrency project, Libra, unveiling details on how it will work and its push to decentralize it through the Libra Association. Things I Believe 1) This will be the single biggest boost toward mainstream crypto adoption Facebook's ability to roll out a product instantly to its 2.4 billion monthly … Continue reading Facebook’s Libra

Kik’s Battle

Last week the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against messaging platform Kik claiming that it illegally raised $100M through a token sale in 2017. This stems from the SEC's guidance that any token offering that checks all the boxes of the Howey Test qualifies as a security and cannot raise money from retail … Continue reading Kik’s Battle