About Me


My name is Chris Collins. I was born in Northern Virginia and raised by Bolivian immigrants (Cochabamba is my second home). Naturally, my first language was Spanglish.

My career began at AllianceBernstein and Netplus Capital, a multi-family office where I was the first full-time employee. While investing was my first love, I sought greater purpose by supporting my community. During my free time, I was very involved with Street Project,  an organization that helps non-profits engage volunteers in NYC.

I am passionate about business as a force for good and how innovation can move humanity forward. This led me to work at Flat World Partners, and now my current role as Principal at Human Ventures. I received my MBA from Wharton and went to UVA for undergrad.

I believe that the overlap between self-interest and societal good is greater than most realize.

I have created this site as a space to share my observations on technological trends and to help refine my ideas. Feel free to reach out via Twitter.