MetaMask Mobile

Last week MetaMask, the browser wallet incubated within ConsenSys, announced a public beta of their mobile wallet. This release makes it the latest offering competing to win the mobile crypto wallet / browser use case alongside projects such as Opera, Brave, Coinbase, Cipher, and Trust Dapp.

Ease of Use

I took MetaMask’s wallet for a quick spin and it was intuitive and easy to navigate and interact with dapps. The below points may sound like table-stakes but it cannot be understated how important they are to move mass adoption forward. The app provides:

  • Easy access by leveraging iphone’s Face ID rather than requiring users to type in a password every time (just like every other IOS app!)
  • Ability to seamlessly connect to a variety of dapps through an interface resembling an app store

You can also open up multiple tabs (just like a regular browser!)

Want to make a payment but concerned about Ethereum’s slow throughput? Instapay fixes that through its payment channel.

For a more thorough run-through from the team, check out their announcement blog post.

Why is this important?

Quite simply, without mobile crypto wallets, dapps will never go mainstream. The status quo involves users jumping through various hoops in order to use a dapp – this may be fine for crypto die-hards but the average person will likely never put in the time and effort to take all the proper steps required.

Bravo to the MetaMask team for their progress on this and looking forward to the product’s full launch as well as how other competitors progress with their own solutions.

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